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Hanover Strings


Everything but wind

Guitars and Equipment:
Martin, Larrivee, Seagull, Eastman, Used Gibsons, Fenders, Ibanez, Cordoba, Loriente, Roland Digital Pianos, Boss Effects, Presonus, Cakewalk Software and Keyboard Controllers, Audix, Shure, Yorkville Sound, Mackie, and Wharfdale, to name only a few. We also have special deals.

Commercial Installation
We have extensive experience for commercial sound reinforcement applications and room treatment, from schools, churches, restaurants and corporate meeting and conferencing applications.


for Guitars, Amps, Violins, and Live Sound

Rentals are fantastic for exploring the possibilities. Whether you want to try a new and different instrument or just test your commitment to play without the burden of a purchase. We also rent sound systems for short or long term rentals from corporate events to wild parties. Rentals are easy, fun and affordable. PA Inquiry

For Example..
Rent a professional G&L Legacy Electric guitar and Vox amp for $38 a month!


all stringed and fretted instruments

Stringed Instruments
We've been repairing and restoring instruments since 1973. This includes everything from well set up and adjustment, to neck resets, and major structural repairs, building and modicifation and encompasses all fretted and viol family instruments.

We also specialize in electronic repairs for amps, speakers, keyboards, and guitars.

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