Edirol Fantastic Used Studio Monitor Pair
These killer little studio monitors would be ideal for a growing home studio, or even just to listen to your favorite tunes in higher quality...more
Item: Edirol MA-15D Used
Special Price:$99
Ashdown 4 x 10 Inch Bass Cab
Rated at 650W RMS, the 4 Ohm ABM 414H is loaded with 4 x 10" Ashdown BlueLine drivers, plus a switchable high frequency horn (Hi...more
Item: Ashdown ABM-414H
Special Price:$299
Eastwood Firebird
Based on second generation Gibson non-reverse body Firebird, the Eastwood Stormbird has the look and mojo of the original with updated components and playability...more
Item: Eastwood StormBird
Special Price:$199
Godin Low Profile Rock Axe
The Detour offers a compact feel with an aggressive double-cutaway design. The body has a silverleaf maple center with poplar wings. Maximum resonance is...more
Item: Godin Detour
Special Price:$199
Vox Guitar Amp in Headphones!
The VOX amPlug Series of palm-sized headphone guitar amplifiers enables musicians to easily plug their amPlug into any guitar, and attach a pair of...more
Item: Vox Amphones AC30
Special Price:$39
Martin Acoustic Electric Bass
This Acoustic Electric Bass from Martin has the smooth playability and rich tones you expect from their guitars in a fantastic bass. ...more
Item: Martin BC-16GTE
Special Price:$999
Ashdown 15 Inch Bass Cab
ABM cabs are designed to complement the wide tonal range and power of the range of ABM heads without compromising tone or performance.The ABM-115...more
Item: Ashdown MiBass-220
Special Price:$199
Centaur A1225LV
This is a used A1225LV. Except the cabinet size has been increased 2 3/4" taller to provide the maximum bass response possible for a 12...more
Item: Centaur A1225LV
Special Price:$399
Ashdown 5 Lb Bass Head
It fits in the pocket of a gig bag. Yet it's big enough to fill a serious venue with warm authoritative Ashdown tone.

Designed from...more
Item: Ashdown MiBass-220
Special Price:$149
Martin SWOMGT Sustainable Wood OM
One of Martins Sustainable Wood guitars, the SWOMGT is constructed with select woods that originated in forests managed in an ecologically responsible manner. Some of...more
Item: Martin SWOMGT
Price: $1859
CAD Condenser Mic
Point-source transduction, field-effect detection, transformerless drive and durable metal screen take your studio sound to the road. Non-reflective polyurethane finish ensures that...more
Item: CAD C195
Special Price:$49
Martin SWDGT Sustainable Wood Dreadnaught
One of Martins Sustainable Wood guitars, this Dreadnaught sized guitar is constructed with select woods that originated in forests managed in an ecologically responsible manner...more
Item: Martin SWDGT
Price: $1859
Vox Teaburst Vox LP Carved Top
The SSC33 guitar uses the same MaxConnect(tm) aluminum bridge as the Virage, offering extended saddle travel for flawless intonation with any-gauge string. Strings...more
Item: Vox SSC33
Special Price:$300
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