Hohner Special 20 Harmonica
Awesome response, superior bendability and the sweetest tone ever. Its special airtight design makes it the most recommended go-to harp for harmonica players of...more
Item: Hohner M560036
Price: $34.95
Hohner Old Standby
Just like their name implies, these harps will get the job done. Perfect for beginners of any age the price is right and the sound...more
Item: Hohner 34B-BX-C
Price: $15.95
Lee Oskar 1910-A
Lee Oskar Major Diatonic 1910 Lee Oskar Major Diatonic 1910 It's the Blues Tuning. The Lee Oskar major diatonic harmonica is the most commonly used...more
Item: Lee Oskar 1910-A
Price: $44.95
Lee Oskar 10HH
The Lee Oskar neck rack holds 10 hole diatonic harmonicas up to players mouth for hands free play. Adjust to fit...more
Item: Lee Oskar 10HH
Price: $22.95
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