Yamaha Mixer and Interface
Great little mixer with phantom power and effects - plus its an interface...more
Item: Yamaha MG10XU
Price: $199
ART USB Large Diaphram Mic
The ART M-One/USB USB delivers studio quality performance in a convenient USB microphone design. Based on the popular ART M-One Studio Condenser...more
Item: ART M-One
Price: $74
ART Mic Pre and Audio Interface
The USB Dual Pre is a full-featured high quality dual portable preamplifier and computer interface packed into a compact rugged case.

It is designed...more
Item: ART USB Dual Pre
Price: $79
APHEX USB Mic with Aural Exciter
High performance, cardioid capsule
Aphex preamp
Up to 24-bit/96kHz recording resolution
Analog Aural Exciter & Big Bottom Processing: Enhances your sound before it is...more
Item: APHEX Microphone X
Price: $199
Rode USB Studio Mic
The RĂ˜DE Podcaster is a dynamic, end-address USB microphone that combines broadcast-quality audio with the simplicity of USB connectivity, allowing recording direct to...more
Item: Rode Podcaster
Price: $229
Presonus Audiobox 2x2 USB Interface
The PreSonus AudioBox USB 2x2 USB recording system is an excellent solution for achieving high-quality, professional-sounding recordings no matter where you are. The...more
Item: Presonus Audiobox USB
Price: $99
CakeWalk Audio Interface
The Cakewalk UA-4FX is a compact and portable 24-bit/96 kHz USB audio interface featuring genuine Roland COSM preamp emulation technology and high...more
Item: CakeWalk UA-4FX
Special Price:$50
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