Yorkville LP-LED4 Chasing Light Tree
The all new Yorkville LP-LED4 has been designed from the ground up to be the ideal ultra compact mobile lighting system for duos, bands or DJ's....more
Item: Yorkville LP-LED4 LED
Price: $1395
Nightly Rental $100
Yorkville RGB Party Laser
The Orion TriStar (ORLASER3) uses Red, Green and Blue lasers to trace over 100 unique randomly created patterns making it a perfect accent effect for...more
Item: Yorkville ORLaser3
Price: $219
Nightly Rental $30
Orion Blue FireFly
The Blue Firefly delivers a dynamic and intriguing laser effect. Integrated microphone for audio chase operation to track effect to music, or switch to manual...more
Item: Orion ORLaser2
Price: $309
Nightly Rental $30
MBT Warrior Effect Light
Uses a cylindrical/barrel-shaped mirror to break the colorful moonflower pattern up into multiples while sending the images spinning around. Sound active: the movement...more
Item: MBT ME2502-1
Price: $69.95
Nightly Rental $20
MBT Fogger
Using the easy access top loaded ice compartment, fog will lay closer to the floor as it pours from the front of the fogger. This...more
Item: MBT fogger
Price: $389
Nightly Rental Rate $19
MBT Triple Rascal Effect
This unique effect has 3 lenses in each window, producing 48 multi-colored beams that criss cross to the beat of the music. Sound active...more
Item: MBT Rascal
Price: $150
Nightly Rental $20
MBT Party Effect
Two Effects in one! You decide which effect is right for the music. The first effect is similar to the Enticer, with 30 multi-colored...more
Item: MBT Fanta Star
Price: $189
Nightly Rental Rate $20
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