Feadog D Pennywhistle
The tone of Feadg whistles could be described as classic tin whistle; in the same family of sound as say Generations and Oaks though unique...more
Item: Feadog Feadog D
Price: $8.95
Hohner Colored Kazoos
A fun way to introduce music to children. These kazoos amplify your voice when you hum into them, this teaces children the many different notes...more
Item: Hohner Kazoo
Price: $1.95
Jim Dunlop Egg Shakers
These gel egg shakers are full of little beads that create a percussive sound when shaken. A great addition for any jam or dance session...more
Item: Jim Dunlop 9102
Price: $2.5
Trophy Nose Flute - Humanatone
A truly unique instrument(?) that's fun for any age. The flute is held over your nose and mouth, you blow it through your nose (it's...more
Item: Trophy Nose Flute
Price: $2.5
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